Is it possible to use weed for relief of menstrual pain?

She is part of The Freedom Center’s team that develops and implements policies and procedures and supervises Intakes and Transportation. Alexandra is responsible for scheduling client admissions, transfers and discharges. She also maintains positive relationships with clients. Her main focus is to ensure that all clients have a structured and safe environment, while also coordinating their care. Alexandra is active in her recovery and understands addiction from both a personal and familial perspective. Alexandra is a mother and a daughter. She also has a sister and a friend. She knows the importance of recovering and succeeding in anything she puts her mind to. As Director of Operations, her innovative approach gives clients at The Freedom Center a safe and compassionate environment to start their recovery journey. Read more information on online weed dispensary

According to a 2017 study, weed can be detected in the urine up to seven days after its last use. This is if it was used moderately. Your body will need time to remove THC from your body once it has been ingested. Although exercise, healthy eating habits, and keeping hydrated can help, it won’t make a huge difference. When someone smokes or injests cannabis, THC is absorbed into the bloodstream. Some THC is temporarily stored within organs and fatty tissue.

It can be hard to choose the right method for you if this is your first time smoking marijuana. People who smoke marijuana often notice a rise in appetite.

Is marijuana a drug? All You Need to Know About Marijuana

Mark is the Medical Director and works closely with staff to ensure that each client receives the best possible care. Mark works closely with clients to manage medical issues that are separate or related to their addiction. This ensures comprehensive health care plans that maximize our clients’ chances of recovery. He finds the most rewarding aspect of working in addictions treatment is helping alcoholics and addicts realize their full potential. Kevin is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor by the State of Maryland. He has over 26 years experience working as a Montgomery County Government substance abuse/mental health counselor. Kevin is passionate about helping people with substance abuse disorders, whether he leads groups or provides individual and family therapy. Kevin might be found acting or directing in the local theater when he isn’t busy with The Freedom Center’s clients.


With the ability to make hybrids that blend the effects of bothindicaandsativastrains, there are now “designer strains” of weed that are bred for maximum quality. It is a powerful weed because it produces high levels of THC and low amounts of CBD. Indica can be relaxing or sedating and makes people want to curl up on the couch. It is often used before bed to relax the body. Because of its relaxing effects, it creates a more “body high”.


It is possible that the introduction of cannabis to the Americas was caused by African slaves who came to Brazil with the plant. Although the current millennial attitude towards alcohol is a sign that the booze market has a slow, long decline, Kotler suggests that the timeline for the marijuana takeover will be much faster than we think. Look at Silicon Valley. Everyone is smoking pot during their lunch breaks. This will be five years from now. Don’t kid yourself.” This article does not replace or substitute for information from a physician. Before using any product, please consult a healthcare professional and verify your local laws. Researchers have discovered evidence that proto-weeds behaved similarly at Ohalo II in Israel, an archeological site dating back 23,000 years. David Jablonsky, a paleontologist, counters the notion that humans could be endangered by environmental degradation.

There is a misconception that marijuana can’t cause harm due to its popularity as a recreational and medical drug. While it has fewer risks than some other substances, marijuana is not considered a safe drug. The majority of marijuana users are those who have the highest risk. Addiction treatment is important for a student or teenager who has a problem with their brain. Find out more about college student addiction resources and how you can help. Sativa has lower levels than indica and higher levels CBD. This gives it more equal amounts of both chemicals. These strains are known for their energizing effects and people commonly smoke these strains in the mornings or afternoons.

These projects bring together researchers and extension specialists from one region or across the country to work together on research and extension to solve important weed problems. Over twenty multistate projects are currently addressing weed management issues.

The effects of marijuana’s cannabinoids on the brain are so strong that they overstimulate the part of the brain responsible for spatial navigation and short-term memory. This neurologically mimics brain damage. It’s easy to lose track of a conversation halfway through a sentence. Today’s marijuana is often more potent than what your parents smoked decades ago. It’s not uncommon to find marijuana that is two to three times stronger than traditional cannabis, as growers cross-pollinate their plants. This type of marijuana often lacks the cannabinoid CBD or cannabidiol that is actually very beneficial. Some people believe marijuana isn’t addictive, or that it’s better than other drugs that could cause dependence.

Kevin’s experience and expertise as a Primary Therapist combined with his natural talent and abilities as an artist and speaker have uniquely enabled him to reach the population and provide top-quality care. He learned to be a good friend and live by spiritual principles. James used his own story to make a difference in others’ lives throughout his recovery. He has become an advocate for those in recovery or who are seeking to recover from substance abuse disorders over the years. James is a CCAR Recovery coach and believes in building meaningful relationships and providing client care and therapy that is highly individualized.



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